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Parent and Player Resources
Today's TIP. Hydration.




Parents, you know how important is to keep your child hydrated during practice or during game time; therefore, it is important to know how to select  your child’s drink. To learn more, read full article at the American College of Sports Medicine...



Hydration Tip:
Fill your water bottle and keep it in plain sight
so you remember to drink it.
What Should I Drink?
Your body needs water. But remember water comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. Milk is 90%
water. Juice and most soft drinks are 89% water, sport drin
ks are 94% water, and even pizza is
50% water. And it all counts. Nearly everything that passes your lips provides water for your
body, and in fact, research shows that most hydration happens at meals from the combination of
food and beverages.
also shows that we tend to drink more if the fluid is flavored and if a variety of fluids
are available.
Keys to Hydration
When you have figured out how to stay hydrated, especially when you sweat heavily, you have
accomplished the single most important
performance enhancing aspect of nutrition




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